The Art and the Artist

What is Needlefelting?

Needlefelting is the art of sculpting wool by poking it repeatedly with a special barbed needle. The barbs catch the wool fibers as the needle pushes in, packing it down and making it a little tighter and more dense with every jab.

The wool is shaped in this fashion with thousands of pokes from this needle. You can even attach things like ears and limbs in the same manner, by holding the attachment in place and poking it with the barbed needle until it's securely matted together.

Eventually, with patience and skill, the wad of wool becomes an adorable critter! You may follow this link to the Whimsical Fiber YouTube channel for a visual demonstration of this process.

About the Artist

Anna Sunschauer is a fiber artist with a passion for cute. After eight years' experience with cross-stitch and freehand embroidery under their belt, they first discovered the art of needlefelting at the tail end of 2020. They've been happily obsessed with creating tiny soft critters ever since.