Forget-me-not Bunny

Forget-me-not Bunny


This sweet bun has a special surprise on its back...

Sculpted from wool fiber with a felting needle, this soft rabbit figurine would be perfect perched on your desk or bookcase, or watching over something special.

Height: 9.5 cm
Width: 4.5 cm
Length: 5 cm

- I would NOT recommend letting pets or very young children play with this figurine.
- I always do my best to make sure the photos portray color accurately, but the actual color of this item may differ slightly from what shows on your screen based on your device's display settings.
- If it gets dirty, you may spot clean this item with a soft toothbrush.
- Water may shrink/deform this item.

Forget-me-not Bunny Image 2 Forget-me-not Bunny Image 3 Forget-me-not Bunny Image 4 Forget-me-not Bunny Image 5
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