Pan Pride Yawning Dragon Figurine

Pan Pride Yawning Dragon Figurine


This bright, dozey dragon figurine is tiny, soft and cute -- what more could you ask?

With a great big stretch and a yawn, this dragon in pan pride colors would look adorable sitting on your desk or bookshelf, or watching over something special. They look terribly precious perched by your computer; every time I look up and see one of these felted beasties I can't help but smile and feel a bit warmer. Bring one to your office to help brighten your day! Makes a sweet gift for pansexual folks or appreciators of cute critters.

If you like this piece but you wish it were a different color, send me a message through the form on the "Contact" page! I'd be happy to discuss custom order options with you. :)

Height: 2.5 in / 7 cm
Width: 6 in / 15 cm
Length: 5 in / 13 cm

Needle felting is the process of sculpting wool fiber with a barbed needle by poking it repeatedly until it has reached its desired shape. It is a meticulous craft that requires time and patience. I created this figurine by hand using wool, pipe cleaners, felt sheets, and a felting needle.

- I would NOT recommend letting pets or very young children play with this figurine.
- If it gets dirty, you may spot clean this item with a soft toothbrush.
- Water may shrink/deform this item.
- I always do my best to make sure the photos portray color accurately, but the actual color of this item may differ slightly from what shows on your screen based on your device's display settings.

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